In Memory of H.Y.L

Today, I was told by a friend that we lost a friend to mammary cancer. She is a friend from my college. We haven’t seen each other since 2011.

My friend was maybe 6-8 weeks pregnant when she knows she has breast cancer. I heard the story was like it’s either she give up the baby and take a surgery immediately, or gamble to take the birth with her life. Then, she decided to roll a dice.

It’s super lucky that eventually she gave birth to a healthy baby. But sadly everything seems late for saving herself. I could not imagine what her husband is going through for losing his beloved.

Actually, we’ve never been close. In the old days I was quite cool to her because I didn’t like naughty girls and she was not good-looking. Shame on me! Easily judged someone by their appearance and I was not exception. I haven’t witness many deaths, and I think I lost my conscious for a while recalling all my memories about her. I’m proud to have known such a kind, warm and brilliant woman. Also reminds me that being just healthy, is the biggest blessing of all.

My friend, my prayers and thoughts are with you and with those you left behind. You will be dearly missed by us all. R.I.P