China Pyramid | “Little Pink”

Little Pink became the designation for this group of nationalists.

The name became widely attached to young nationalists in China through a series of mass campaigns on overseas social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which are all officially blocked on the mainland.

The origin of this epithet is as problematic as its popular usage. Most importantly, the majority of Little Pink are not female — and they rarely discuss politics. Attaching a gendered label onto a group of mostly male cyber-nationalists, then, appears to be more than a case of simple mistaken identity. Unlike the widespread notions of Little Pink as a real cyber-movement, analysis finds that Little Pink is a manufactured, mythologized label that was deployed by other cyber groups to challenge and rebuke nationalistic visions.

The China pyramid in my eyes

How many Little Pink out there? Hmm, even monkeys can do math.

(10 Million + 1.3 Billion) * 30% = Approx. 393 Million, Oh shit…